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00965: Running BBj consumes all available memory


Running BBj consumes all available memory


There is a parameter in the BBjServices.startup script that can be modified that may resolve this problem. Check the following if BBj is running and seems to be consuming all the available memory on a machine.


In the bbjservices.startup script is an execute line that contains configurable parameters. The parameter to increase or decrease the amount of RAM used by the BBj processes is: 


As it is currently set, the above parameter tells the process to use up to 256MB of memory to run. It may not immediately use this entire amount but left to run it will eventually consume the entire amount prior to recycling any memory. This can cause problems on machines with 256MB or less of RAM and should be modified so that other applications can continue to work properly. 

See the Advantage articles below for additional information regarding BBj memory management: 

Rview with the online documentation BBj Service – Memory Usage.

Last Modified: 12/31/2004 Product: BBj Operating System: All

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