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00872: ERROR 16, TCB(10)=-46, on UnixWare when FLCKREC is maxed


ERROR 16, TCB(10)=-46, on UnixWare when FLCKREC is maxed


This error is an indication that system defined record locks are inadequate. The default limit is 2000 under Unixware. 

Note: This may pertain to later SCO Unix or other operating systems based off Unixware.


The UnixWare system lock limit is defined in a file called, ‘/etc/conf/mtune.d/fs’. If the FLCKREC value is changed to a value higher than this limit, errors may occur when the kernel is re-linked. The default value is 2000 in this file. Edit this file and change the upper limit from 2000 to 8000. The effect of this is when you run ‘scoadmin, system, tuner’ and select filesystem parameters, you can then set the value of FLCKREC to any value from 100 to 8000. 

Last Modified: 09/27/2006 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: UnixWare SCO UNIX Error Number: 16 OS Error: -46

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