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KB – Jaspersoft Studio Changes and BBj

The community edition of Jaspersoft Studio enables you to create customized reports and makes use of a wide variety of data sources. Jaspersoft community edition libraries are included with BBj and customized reports can be displayed in BBj using the BBjasper() API and utilizing the BBj DBMS.

Plugin no longer available

The Jaspersoft Studio plugin for Eclipse is no longer available.  All old versions have been removed from SourceForge and the plugin is no longer available in the Eclipse Marketplace.  Please refer to the following post on the Jaspersoft Community Website.


BBj bundled Jaspersoft Library versions

BASIS makes use of the community Jaspersoft Libraries.  The Jaspersoft libraries included with BBj 24.01 are currently at version 6.21.2 and are licensed using LGPL v3. Prior versions of Jaspersoft Library versions included with BBj are below:

BBj VersionJaspersoft Library Version
BBj 24.01   6.21.2
BBj 22.15 6.20.0
BBj 20.326.15.0

Report Design/Creation

The only version of Jaspersoft Studio available for creating/editing reports is the standalone 6.21.2 version on the Jaspersoft Community website.

See the following FAQ  on the community site regarding additional questions:


New “registration” and usage requirements

The community edition of Jaspersoft Studio now requires one to have, or open, an account with the Jaspersoft Community.  Certain usage data is collected by Jaspersoft as part of one’s use of the Jaspersoft Studio community edition.  You can read more about what data is shared here.


The latest version of the documentation for Jaspersoft Studio can be found here.

Backward Compatibility

For compiling reports for older versions of BBj, please refer to the following documentation.

Developing and deploying Jasper Reports in BBj

Recommended practice for developing and deploying Jasper Reports in BBj is to compile reports for the version of the libraries included with your version of BBjServices.  The version of the libraries included with BBj 24.01 is 6.21.2 which matches the latest released Community version of Jaspersoft Studio at the time of preparing BBj 24.01.

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