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00045: Calculating memory usage for BBx


Calculating memory usage for BBx


1) If this is the first invocation of BBx, start by counting the size of the executable–typically 400-1000kb. 

2) Next, add the amount of memory for the start size. For example, a start size of 1024 would add 256kb. 

3) Next, add some memory to store the CONFIG.BBX file, usually the value of STBLEN (about 2-4kb usually). 

4) Finally, add some memory for ADDR’s (up to 64kb per) and window drawing (8kb for a 80×25 window). 

Under Unix, the amount of memory current in use by a BBx process can be determined by doing a “ps -al” on the system after starting either BBx PROGRESSION/4 or PRO/5. 

One of the columns given is the SZ column which says how much memory is being used by the loaded programs. This is in pages which could be 512 byte pages, 1024 byte pages, or 4096 byte pages. You’ll have to do a ‘man ps’ to verify page size. 

Using the size command for the executable (e.g., size /usr/bbx/pro5) you can determine how much of the size reported by the ps command is for the .text section (use ‘man size’ to figure out which number is which). 

The first instance of BBx PROGRESSION/4 or PRO/5 uses exactly SZ pages of memory. 

The .text size is a first instance only hit. Subsequent instances of BBx PROGRESSION/4 or PRO/5 use whatever is reported by ps in the SZ column minus the .text size (which will be bytes). 

Last Modified: 12/18/1997 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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