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01199: How do I access the BBj Pro5 Data Server?


How do I access the BBj Pro5 Data Server?


The BBj Pro5 Data Server is one of the components of BBj Services. It Is installed automatically with the standard BBj Services install. 

1.) It can only be accessed from Pro5\Vpro5 clients. 

2.) The default port is 2100. 

3.) It is configured in Enterprise Manager under the SERVER tab. 


4.) It uses the same syntax as the standalone Pro5 Data Server. 

        setopts $00000020$ 




Always exercise extreme care when interacting with the operating system via SCALLs, pipes, or invocations such as the OPEN verb.  Many of these commands have the potential to permanently delete or overwrite files and directories, and it is possible to make typographic errors that result in a dangerous command.  

As an example, leaving out the leading slash (/) when entering “/<bang,port=5000,ssl>/foo” as Data Server syntax can yield unpredictable results when the “<” and “>” characters are interpreted as requests to redirect I/O.  Relying on the PREFIX for Data Server syntax is one possible way to avoid this issue.

REMEMBER – The underlying operating system will obediently obey the command without prompting for assent, so think before you type, as with great power comes great responsibility.


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