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00936: Creating a basis.opt file for the BASIS License Manager


Creating a basis.opt file for the BASIS License Manager


Here are some examples of how to use a basis.opt file for configuring the BASIS License Manager (BLM), thus allowing you to control which users, or groups, or hosts can check out or not be able to check out specific features such as dispensing licenses for BBJ and reserving licenses for specific users. 

To use an options file with any BASIS product license file the VENDOR line must be modified in the product license to include the complete path and file name to the options file.  This vendor line needs to be added to a new text file that contains the BASIS.opt file location as in: 

VENDOR basis /usr/basis/blm/basis.opt 

This file needs to be placed in your BASIS License Manager directory and be named in such a way that it is the first file found by the BLM when looking for licenses. The file HAS to end with the .lic extension. ex: 1BASIS_VENDOR.lic 

No change needs to be made to your actual license file. Once this file is in place, STOP and START the BASIS License Manager. You should see in the BLM log that it finds the new file first: 

License file(s): C:\PROGRA~1\basis/blm\1BASIS_VENDOR.lic C:\PROGRA~1\basis/blm\1BBJBBJ612321.lic

Once restarted the /blm/log/blm.log will report that the opt file is in use by the vendor daemon. 

Any FEATURE line in your license file is available to manage with this method. This method of managing features would typically be used with BBJ license features as well as custom vendor specific feature lines. 

Here is an example: 

The basis.opt file could have an INCLUDE for your BARISTA and no entries for the BARISTA_RUNTIME feature. 
It would look like this: 


This will allow only joeuser to get a BARISTA license. Everyone else would get a BARISTA_RUNTIME license and could not edit programs, etc. 

Note: The basis.opt cannot have an INCLUDE and an EXCLUDE for the same feature. 

REMEMBER to STOP and START the BLM once you have created the basis.opt file or make changes otherwise they will not take effect. 

Another example, is to create a FLEXlm group. Keep in mind this FLEXlm group is seperate and has no relationship to O/S created groups. The FLEXlm group is only created in the basis.opt file, all users must be listed in the basis.opt file, by doing this listing, you create the group. Here is an example of a GROUP basis.opt file for an INCLUDE: 

GROUP Devgroup username1 username2 username3 

Again note that: FLEXLM groups are completely independent of O/S groups created. 

Another side note, EXCLUDEALL or INCLUDEALL, excludes or includes every feature being dispensed by that license manager. 

Here is an excerpt from the FLEXlm End User manual on how to RESERVE a feature for a specific user, group or host. 

RESERVE numlic featurename type name 
Reserves licenses for a specific user. 

numlic – number of licenses to reserve 
featurename – name of feature to reserve 
name – name of the user or group to reserve licenses for. Group names are case sensitive. 

To reserve one license of feature BBJ for user `mel’: 

        RESERVE 1 BBJ USER mel 

Any licenses reserved for a user are dedicated to that user. Even when that user is not actively using the license it will be unavailable to other users. 

Last Modified: 11/17/2017 Product: License Manager

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