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00790: Naming Conventions for Hosts that use TCP/IP


Naming Conventions for Hosts that use TCP/IP


You can use any of the characters you would normally employ in a file name. The only characters you can’t use are: 

Quotation mark (“) 
Forward slash (/) 
Back slash (\) 
Brackets ([]) 
Colon (:) 
Semicolon (;) 
Vertical bar (|) 
Less than sign ( (<) 
Greater than sign (>) 
Plus sign (+) 
Comma (,) 
Question mark (?) 
Asterisk (*) 
Equal sign (=) 


Here is some helpful information regarding naming conventions for hosts being accessed via the PRO/5 Data Server. Most are also applicable for all TCP/IP network configurations and follow the standards for naming conventions published by the various International organizations for Networking Standards worldwide. 

* The hostname may contain only alphabetic letters, numeric digits and a dash “-“. 
* The hostname cannot contain spaces or underscores and may not end with a dash. 
* The hostname must begin with an alphabetic character. 
* The hostname MUST also be lowercase and up to 15 characters in length. 

In naming a host machine (for the PRO/5 Data Server) the following names are NOT valid: 

7 dwarfs or 7-dwarfs 
the wicked-witch– or the-wicked-witch 

Here are the same names only VALID: 

snow-white or snowwhite 
dwarfs-7 or seven-dwarfs or sevendwarfs 
wicked-witch or wickedwitch or thewickedwitch 

Last Modified: 06/19/2006 Product: Other Operating System: All platforms

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