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01049: FLEXlm error -21 or FLEXlm error -83 License File does not support this version


FLEXlm error -21 or FLEXlm error -83 License File does not support this version


FLEXlm error = -21 and FLEXlm error -83 indicate that the license file you are using is not correct for the product revision you are installing or the version of the BLM is not correct for the product revision. 

For example, if you are using a PRO/5 revision 5.0+ and a BLM revision 7.0g you will receive this error. 


Confirm that the license has the correct revision for the PRO/5 BBj product installed. 
Confirm that the BLM version is the current release or the version released with the PRO/5 BBj revision product installed. This Advantage article has information that can help: 

To check the license file versions, look at the feature line in the license file. The version is the number after the word ‘basis’: 

SERVER server 0003a645e485 
VENDOR basis 
FEATURE BBJ basis 4 permanent 5 8ADB47753ECB VENDOR_STRING=SWF \ 
HOSTID=ANY ck=119 SN=BBJ001234 

To verify the revision of PRO/5 or BBj that is installed type the following at the READY> prompt. 
print rev 

To check the version of the BASIS License Manager (BLM) installed, do the following from an operating system prompt while in the directory where the BASIS License Manager is installed: 
./lmutil lmver basis_lmgrd 

In a Windows or Novell environment, open a COMMAND prompt and change directories to where the BLM is installed. Under Windows and Novell, type: 
lmutil lmver basis_lmgrd 

Note that in any environment the above must be all lower case letters for the command to work. This will return the Macrovision copyright information and the version of the BLM installed and running. 

Last Modified: 09/26/2006 Product: License Manager Operating System: All platformsError Number: -21

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