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00340: Tests for troubleshooting the Novell Data Server


Tests for troubleshooting the Novell Data Server


These tests can help troubleshoot why the Novell NLM Data Server doesn’t disconnect properly when a workstation logs out. 

For all of these, you might want to run the Data Server with the -s option to log to the screen, so you can watch the fun happen when disconnects come about. 

1. Log in, then turn the machine off and don’t allow it to reattach to the file server. Eventually the connection watchdog should clear the connection. By default it takes about 15 minutes, but it can be tuned. Here are the settings which are good to use, which will cause a watchdog logout after 70 seconds. 

set console display watchdog logouts = on 
set delay before first watchdog packet = 30 
set number of watchdog packets = 5 
set delay between watchdog packets = 10 

If these settings are active you should be able to log in, shut off the machine, and see the console report of the watchdog logout within a couple of minutes. If you don’t, that’s a problem. If you *do*, then guaranteed that signal will also propagate to the NLM. 

2. Log in, open a file via Data Server, then reboot and log right back in. In this case, the watchdog never has time to react, but NetWare still notices the reconnect and sends a signal to the NLM.You should see the NLM log the connection out as soon as the machine attaches to the server again (before logging in let alone trying again to connect to the Data Server). 

Last Modified: 06/17/1998 Product: PRO/5 Data Server Operating System: Novell

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