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00265: Error 70 when trying to open a file via the Data Server


Error 70 when trying to open a file via the Data Server


This is typically due to a ruserok failure from the operating system level. 

Verify this by checking the Data Server log file (-r -l switches on the command line). and looking for the exact error message. 


Verify the USERID environment variable or the -u command line parameter is set properly if using the TCP client for Windows. 

If the Data Server Log reports ” ruserok failure”, the problem lies in the .rhosts file in the user’s home directory. In this case, the user is the login that the client uses when attaching to the Unix machine. 

The .rhosts file should contain the names of all machines that the user may be trying to attach from. For example, if the user was on ‘servera’ and wanted to open a file on ‘serverb’, the OPEN would look like: 


For this to work properly, the user’s .rhosts file on serverb must contain servera’s name in its list. 

Here is a sample .rhosts file: 

It’s just a simple text list of Unix machines, and possibly DOS/Windows machines that are using a TCP/IP stack and the BASIS TCP/IP Client for Windows. 

Note that the permissions of the .rhosts file should be set to 644, otherwise an ruserok failure message will be returned. 

When using DHCP (or in a Windows only environment) also be sure the /etc/hosts file(s) contain the correct entries. 

Last Modified: 01/20/2003 Product: PRO/5 Data Server Operating System: All platformsError Number: 70

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