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00819: Moving PRO/5 and the BLM after it’s been installed.


Moving PRO/5 and the BLM after it’s been installed.


Here is the information you’ll need when you go to move the PRO/5 revision 2.21 on top of the PRO/5 revision 1.05. For example, if PRO/5 rev 1.05 is installed to: 


and if your intentions are to install revision 2.21 to: 

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow in order to move the License Manager and the PRO/5 to the directory structure already used: 
From the UNIX prompt do a 
        cp -r /usr/basis/pro5/* /usr/pro5/* 
then         cp -r /usr/basis/blmgr/* /usr/blmgr/* 

You *MUST* have a blmgr directory at the same level as the pro5 directory. Once you have copied both of these directories and files, you’ll need to modify the inittab file and rebrand the pro5 executable. 

To rebrand the pro5 so it can find the license manager, run the ./install program that was in the /usr/basis/ directory, go to the PRO5 menu, and choose the SERVER option. Enter the name of the server, (even though it’s the same you must do this step!) and then exit from the install program altogether. 

In order for the BASIS License Manager to start automatically on reboot of the server, you should have done the ADD option from the BLM menu previously. That option added a line to the inittab file that looks like: 

         brlm:234:once:/usr/basis/blmgr/BasisRunLM; # start BASIS License Manager 

You will need to modify this line so that it reads: 
        brlm:234:once:/usr/blmgr/BasisRunLM; # start BASIS License Manager 

Once you have done this, if the server is rebooted, the BASIS License Manager will start automatically and PRO/5 will be able to find the license files required. 

Last Modified: 03/21/2000 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: UNIX

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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