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00844: ODBC License Files and FLEXlm error -5 – Feature not Supported


ODBC License Files and FLEXlm error -5 – Feature not Supported


Problems will occur if a demo ODBC license and Read Write permanent license exist on the same system. FLEXlm checks for license files based on name and feature in alphabetical order. The ODBC demo license is a Read Only license and requires that the data source in the ODBC Administrator have the Read Only box checked. . The ODBC DEMO license will be loaded before the Read Write license if both exist on a system. Delete the Read Only Demo License prior to installing a permanent Read Write license to insure that the correct license is loaded. 

The demo license file will be name 1ODBC_RO……lic, a Read Write license will be named 1ODBC_RWBOD….LIC. 

Listed below are typical locations for the ODBC license files: 

WinNT                  \winnt\system32 
WIn95/98         \windows\system32 

Last Modified: 12/10/2003 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: WindowsError Number: 5,18

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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