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00288: ‘No Such Table in Catalog’ error with the ODBC Driver


‘No Such Table in Catalog’ error with the ODBC Driver


[BASIS] [BASIS ODBC Driver] No such table in catalog SQLGetTypeInfo Critical Signal: No such table in catalog 

This error can occur if the data dictionary or the shadow dictionary files are damaged or incorrect. First, force the ODBC driver to re-create the shadow data dictionary (by turning off the ‘No Shadow Data Dictionary Consistency Check’ and the ‘Fast Connection’ options in the Advanced section of the Setup from the ODBC administrator), and physically removing the old shadow data dictionary (delete the 4 DD_*.dat files in the dictionary directory). Use either DDBuilder or _ddedit.utl to check the dictionary files. 

This error can also be caused by an invalid character in the alias in the data dictionary. It has been seen when aliases were of the form ‘filename.dat’. The “.” was acting as a separator when performing the SQL call. This problem was solved by removing the “.” from the alias. 

Last Modified: 12/29/1997 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: Windows

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