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00895: Known Issues with the Novell 2.71 client kit for NT/Win2000


Known Issues with the Novell 2.71 client kit for NT/Win2000


There is a problem in Novell’s NCP extension protocol in version 4.71 and 4.8 of the client kit for Windows NT/2000. This problem is preventing the PRO/5 Data Server for NetWare from working correctly when more than one instance of Visual PRO/5 is run on the same Windows NT/2000 workstation. Note that this problem seems to occur only when VPro5.exe is stored on a NetWare server volume instead of on local hard drives. Symptons include Pro5 error 71 network error on the client, connection resets in the log file for the PRO/5 Data Server and possible Novell server abends. 

Another issue with the client kit allows a second session on the same workstation to acces a file locked by the first session. 

The NWLogPhysicalRecord() call should fail because the other instance already has a portion of the record locked. The second instance should also not be allowed to read the first byte in the file because it is part of the record that the other instance has locked for exclusive access. But instead, the second instance is allowed to read and lock a record that is already locked by another process. 

Additional Information: 
As of 7 Jan 2002 this same error has been reproduced using Novell’s latest Client Kit for Windows XP also. 


Both of these issue have been reported to Novell. 

BASIS Tech Support may be contacted for programs and code that the customer may also send to Novell that demonstrates the behavior. 

Please contact BASIS International Technical Support for updates regarding this issue.

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Novell Error Number: 71

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