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00894: Installing PRO/5, ” syntax error in /etc/default/lang file”


Installing PRO/5, ” syntax error in /etc/default/lang file”


Installing PRO/5 on a SCO 5.0.6 server , during the install received error messages that included: 

libc: set locale: LC_CTYPE: syntax error in /etc/default/lang 
libc: set locale: LC_NUMERIC: syntax error in /etc/default/lang 
libc: set locale: LC_TIME: syntax error in /etc/default/lang 

The same errors occurred when starting PRO/5.


The locale environment isn’t setup correctly and needs to be corrected at the O/S level. 

1. It’s probable that adding the following line (if it doesn’t already exist) to the /etc/default/lang file, the error will go away: 

At the O/S prompt, type: 

The following should be returned: 

2. Some other things to check for would be: 

        no leading spaces in the /etc/default/lang file 
        no extra spaces at the end of ANY of the lines prior to a return 
        no unprintable characters in the file. 

Use od -c to check file, characters like \m are unacceptable in the file and is indication of corruption.

Last Modified: 11/08/2002 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: SCO UNIX

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