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00642: How to perform an SCALL to a Data Server that calls a UNIX Script


How to perform an SCALL to a Data Server that calls a UNIX Script


I would like to be able to execute SCALLs to run programs from a Visual PRO/5 Client connecting to a UNIX Data Server. What is the appropriate way to do this? 


If you create an alias in the Data Server config.bbx 

ALIAS Lsomescript “|scriptname” 

Then, in the client VPRO/5 you can: 


This will force the Data Server to believe it’s opening a device and allow it to proceed even though the “device” is actually running a script. 

A second way to do this using sockets would be to have a program running in PRO/5 on the 
server that listens to a socket for commands. When it receives a command, it executes it, and comes back to listen for more commands. If the VP5 client, for example, wants to start a backup routine running on the server, it would send a message to the PRO/5 program, via the socket, to start the backup routine., The PRO/5 program would receive the message and start the proper backup. This can also be done for reports, updates, etc, freeing the client up for other activities. 

Their approach should also depend on what type of commands they are running. If they want to look at a directory on the server and currently use the “ls -l” command, or something similar, to view the directory, this could be replaced by an SCALL to Windows Explorer. Assuming that they can view their network drives in Explorer, they can view the directory in question directly 
in Explorer. 

Last Modified: 04/19/2004 Product: PRO/5 Data Server Operating System: UNIX

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