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00881: How to turn off logging for the BASIS License Manager under Novell


How to turn off logging for the BASIS License Manager under Novell


The Basis License Manager (BLM) log file, blmgr.txt, can build up in size rather quickly. Each connection to the PRO/5 Data Server, for example, generates two entries in the log file. Once you’re confident that the BLM is running smoothly, you can turn off the Debug Log File option.


The way to stop the BLM from creating a logfile under Novell is to leave the -l option off the LOAD line when starting the BASIS License Manager. Thus, the LOAD line would look like: 

        load basis -c sys:\basis\RO555555.lic;sys:\basis\RO555556.lic 

instead of: 

        load basis -l sys:\basis\blm\blmgr.txt -c sys:\basis\RO555555.lic;sys:\basis\RO555556.lic 

This may cause the undesired effect of all of the logfile messages to be output to the Novell Server’s console. If so, Novell BLM logging can be completely turned off by placing a file called BASIS.OPT in the SYS:\BASIS directory (assuming that it is the directory that contains the .LIC license files) that contains: 

        NOLOG IN 
        NOLOG OUT 

Note that by omitting the “NOLOG DENIED” line the BLM will continue logging license checkout failures. This is documented in chapter 5 of the FlexLM End User Manual that ships with Visual PRO/5. 

Last Modified: 12/31/2001 Product: License Manager Operating System: Novell

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