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00820: Error=26 in BXRCV on Line 2140 indicates bad utility set


Error=26 in BXRCV on Line 2140 indicates bad utility set


Some conversion utilities were accidently released prior to completion in 1997 and can cause Error=26 (String/Number Mismatch) errors in BXRCV. 

This error is typically seen when the LISTING.tbd program has been used to convert from Thoroughbred BASIC 8. However, it is possible that the error may occur when other conversion programs have been used. 


Although the error is returned by BXRCV the problem is typically not in the receiving program at all. What happens is that the LISTING.xxx program doesn’t correctly build the file to be received correctly and the BXRCV program can’t understand what it’s attempting to read in. 

Since the BXRCV program isn’t the problem and there isn’t a time/date stamp inside it, you need to look at the LISTING.xxx program to determine if the utilities being used contain the problem. Any of the LISTING programs with a date prior to 1 January 1999 can potentially harbor this problem, so check for the following line at approximately line 0040. 

        00040 REM ” Modified: $Date: 1999/01/21 21:35:33 $ 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5 Error Number: 26

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