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00406: How to create a Data Source correctly with ODBC Administrator 3.x and higher


How to create a Data Source correctly with ODBC Administrator 3.x and higher


Usually, BASIS ODBC data sources are defined as USER DSN’s. MS Query 8 (which is what Word and Excel use for ODBC operations) can only use FILE DSN’s. 

MS Access doesn’t require a Data Source be set up under File DSN, but it for the sake of consistency it is advisable. 


Additionally, a different error can occur if the File DSN is the only place it’s defined in the ODBC Administrator, so here are the complete steps needed to create a Data Source. 

1.) Create a text file with the name of your Data Source and a .dsn extension, in the \ODBC\Data Sources\ directory. For example: 

2.) Enter the following 2 lines into the text file created: 

3.) In the ODBC Administrator, create your Data Source as you normally would under User DSN or System DSN. 

The best way to ensure it has been created correctly before attempting the connection via a third party application is to make sure the information just entered appears when you edit the Data Source under File DSN. Also, once you select Create New Query from MS Query, the data source should be in the list without having to add it. 

Last Modified: 11/17/1998 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: Windows

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