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00582: Possible reasons for an ERROR 4


Possible reasons for an ERROR 4


1. Accessing a disk that logically does not exist. For more information see the DSKSYN section in Chapter 3 of the Installation and Configuration Guide. 

2. Absence of dsksyn commands in config.bbx. See the DOS section of the Installation and Configuration Guide. 

3. Missing DSKSYN on an unavailable drive. The most common instance is not disabling the A: or B: floppy drive. 

Note that unless a drive is DSKSYN’d in the config.bbx, PRO/5 will attempt to access that drive when opening or creating a file without a fully qualified pathname. This means that if you attempt to create “c:\temp\myfile”, it will only check the C: drive. However, if you try to create “\temp\myfile” under DOS/Windows/Novell and don’t have C:, D:, or E: DSKSYN’d, PRO/5 will see if it can create the file on all of those drives. It does this in order to find out if the file already exists in the current allowable path. If the file exists on one of those drives, it will return an error 12 telling you that the file already exists and therefore you should either open the existing file or create the file with a unique name. If one of those drives doesn’t exist on the system, or cannot be written to (such as a CDROM drive, or a drive without write permissions), then PRO/5 will return an error 4. The solution is to DSKSYN all drives that you do not want PRO/5 to write to, or simply specify a fully qualified path for the file. 

Last Modified: 01/07/1999 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: N/A Error Number: OS Error: 21

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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