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00454: Tips for troubleshooting a TAOS 1.31 install


Tips for troubleshooting a TAOS 1.31 install


The following is a list of some potential installation problems and their resolution. 

1) Problem: 

Run “TAOS” 

Error 17 invalid parameter 


Add the TAOSPM and TAOSPM\SYS to the prefix in the config.bbx. Under DOS it is better to add the drive designation: 

prefix c:/basis/taospm/sys/ c:/basis/taospm/ 

2) Problem: 

!Error 12 on line 13440 call FNSETPATH$ 


Setting the prefix in the config.bbx file instead of programmatically may solve this problem. This error may also occur if the config.bbx prefix does not include the path to the extended and standard utilities. 

3) Problem: 

TAOS begins to load and the following error is displayed in a red box: 

Unable to create sys/080607T0.opt 


Mostly likely TaAOSis loading another config.tpm–check for one in the BASIS\VPRO5 directory. Rename this one or copy the config.tpm file in the taospm\sys directory to the VPRO5 directory. Also verify in the config.tpm that all the parameters have drive letters, of special note the keymap file is usually located in the VPRO5 directory. 


4) Problem: 

When trying to edit a procedure, a bad command or file name error may result. 


Check your path and that your editor of choice is in the path. 

5) Problem: 

When trying to compile, the screen flashes ‘ bad command or file name’ and returns to the Taos Menu. 


Change the path in the autoexec.bat file to include the directory where the TAOS version (usually \basis\taospm) of either BBX4cpl or Pro5cpl are located. Re-boot your computer. This is necessary under Windows because TAOS does a SCALL, which invokes another command.com session therefore setting the path in the current session will not effect the subsequent sessions and they will default to what was loaded at the time of boot up. 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: TAOS: The Developers Workbench Operating System:All platforms Error Number: 17 12

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