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01130: “Why did my license expire?” and other common questions regarding licenses.


“Why did my license expire?” and other common questions regarding licenses.


This article addresses some of the common questions regarding licenses and when it is required to register for a new license. 

Q. Why did my license expire? 

A. The perpetual license expires and renews automatically every 30 days, so changing host IDs will not require contacting your BASIS representative to purchase a license reset. Provided that the machine running the BLM/BLS has access to the internet, you will just need to restart your licensing system and it will retrieve a new license with the correct HostID in it.

BLM (BASIS License Manager)

If you are not on a current BLM released after June 14, 2022 your BLM may not be able to reach out to license.poweredbybbj.com to retrieve a new license.  In this case your license will expire on the expiration date shown in the license file.  You will want to install a current BASIS License Manager and register your license using the new BLM to retrieve a new license. You will also need to make sure your BLM has access to the internet so that it can automatically update your license each month.

Which BLM should you install, we currently have both BLM 19 and BLM 21 available for download.  Both BLM’s do require a Java 11 JDK (we recommend Adoptium/Temurin OpenJD11).  If your license is current on SAM or at least at Revision 20 you should be using BLM 21.  Any older revision of a license needs to use BLM 19.

BLS (BASIS License Server)

If you are running at least BBj 22 you will be using the BLS licensing system that reaches out for its license to license.poweredbybbj.com. You will also need to make sure your BLS has access to the internet so that it can automatically update your license each month.


Q. Can I move the existing license to a new machine or different operating system? 

A. If you are moving to a new machine, you just need to register for the license again with the serial number and authorization number to get a new license to ensure that the automatic registration will continue to function. You will need to remove the license file and stop the BLM/BLS on the old server and if using the BLS update the certificate.bls on your client systems in the <bbjhome>/cfg directory.

Q. Do I need to register my serial number again if my hostname or ip address change? 

A. No.  For the BLM the hostname is the only value in a BLM license file that may be edited. Modifying any of the other values will result in a corrupted license file. It is important to note that if the hostname or ip address changes it is required for the BASIS License Manager (BLM) to be stopped and restarted. We also rely on hostname resolution to successfully start the BLM so if the network configuration changes you may have problems if the new hostname and ip address cannot successfully be resolved. Also see KB articles: 

KB#00964-TCP/IP Hostname Resolution and the BASIS License Manager (BLM) 

KB#00824-Hostname has changed on a UNIX system running the Basis License Manager 

Q. Where do I find my authorization number? 

A. The authorization number is listed on the License Registration Form that is sent from BASIS Customer Service when a new serial number is purchased. Please contact the BASIS Customer Service or Sales department if you are unable to locate this form. 

Q. I have purchased additional users and have registered my serial number again, why is it showing the old amount of users? 

A. When adding users to a BLM based system, installing a new license for additional users may not overwrite the old license file. If needed, delete the old license file from the BASIS License Manager (BLM) directory and restart the BLM.

With the BLS simply restarting the BLS will reach out to the BASIS Licensing system for a new license with the correct number of users.

To see the new license count, start a new BBj. Session.



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