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00020: Error 33 loading functions keys with the ‘FL’ mnemonic


Error 33 loading functions keys with the ‘FL’ mnemonic


BBx allocates a buffer to hold the values that are loaded into the function keys. The size of this buffer is dynamic. The size of the buffer is 128 bytes, plus 16 bytes for every defined function key. The ‘defined function key’ means the k0-k9 and kA-kZ values in the terminal section that you are using of the termcap file. If you try to load too much information into the function keys, BBx will issue an Error 33, TCB(10)=34.


In order to circumvent this, simply define more function keys in the termcap file. It is very typical to have only 10 or 12 function keys defined (corresponding to the physical keys on the keyboard). The extensions to these, such as <SHIFT><F1> are usually not defined, but can be easily added to increase the buffer size. As an example, here is an excerpt from our termcap file that can be used to define more function keys: 

# extensions to ‘ansiex’ (remove comments and add to ansiex) 
# 10 function key keyboard shift values 
# :kA=\E[Y:kB=\E[Z:kC=\E[a:kD=\E[b:kE=\E[c:# :kF=\E[d:kG=\E[e:kH=\E[f:kI=\E[g:kJ=\E[h:\ 
# :lA=shift F1:lB=shift F2:lC=shift F3:lD=shift F4:lE=shift F5:\ 
# :lF=shift F6:lG=shift F7:lH=shift F8:lI=shift F9:lJ=shift F10:# 12 function key keyboard values 
# :kA=\E[W:kB=\E[X:lA=F11:lB=F12:# function key shift values 
# :kC=\E[Y:kD=\E[Z:kE=\E[a:kF=\E[b:kG=\E[c:# :kH=\E[d:kI=\E[e:kJ=\E[f:kK=\E[g:kL=\E[h:# :lC=shift F1:lD=shift F2:lE=shift F3:lF=shift F4:lG=shift F5:# :lH=shift F6:lI=shift F7:lJ=shift F8:lK=shift F9:lL=shift F10:# 12 function key shift values 
# :kM=\E[i:kN=\E[j:lM=shift F11:lN=shift F12: 

Note that you can artificially increase the edit/function key buffers with a change in the termcap entry for the affected terminals: simply add the lines somewhere in the middle of the entry reading: 


That defines a bunch of “other keys”, adding about 160 bytes to the buffer. You can find this documented in the termcap usage section of the User’s Reference Guide. 

Last Modified: 12/29/1997 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix Error Number: 33

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