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01207: Can the BASIS License Manager run in a virtual environment?


Can the BASIS License Manager run in a virtual environment?


Yes, the only restriction with running BASIS products on virtual environments is the BASIS License Manager (BLM). The BLM is recommended to be installed on the system’s HOST operating system. 

In a virtual environment, some of the underlying components used by the BASIS License Manager in creating a COMPOSITE= HostID can also be virtualized. Because of this it is quite likely that one or more of those components will change upon system reboot which would cause the COMPOSITE= HostID to be different and forcing the BLM to shut down. This would require a re-registration of that serial number with the new COMPOSITE= HostID. The COMPOSITE= HostID may change again with the next system reboot. 

Some system components can be defined for a specific partition under VMWARE., one example, defining a virtual MAC address for a specific partition. However, there are various components of the system that may be used in a COMPOSITE= HostID forcing one component to be constant doesn’t guarantee that other components will not change at the next system reboot. When the BLM is installed and the licenses registered under the Host OS, one does not encounter these issues with potentially virtualized system components. 

NOTE: BASIS recommends using a Virtual license when the BLM is running in a Virtual environment.  Please contact your BASIS Sales Rep to discuss the benefits of a Virtual license.

Last Modified: 01/14/2013 Product: License Manager Operating System: All platforms

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