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KB – BASIS Product Compatibility with Java Releases

BASIS products require a Java Development Kit (JDK) to run. Specific versions of BBj are tested and verified as compatible with specific Java release(s).

Given the confusion surrounding Oracle’s licensing changes and the availability of both Oracle Java and OpenJDK Java releases, this article presents information that explains BASIS’ product compatibility and support for running on JDKs for Java 8 and beyond.

For background information and for Oracle Java’s latest public statements related to their support and release schedules, see the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap page. The comments below are largely based on this site’s information. Be aware that Oracle updates that page occasionally, and the information there may be newer than when this article was last updated (April 2024).

Also, see the wikipedia.org page on Java version history for a general overview of Java’s version history.

Java Releases

The Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap introduces the concept of Long Term Support (LTS) and non-LTS Java releases.

Long Term Support (LTS) Releases

Oracle’s Roadmap identifies Java 8, Java 11, Java 17, and Java 21 as LTS releases of Java, with the next LTS planned for Java 25 in September 2025. BASIS tests and verifies BBj versions are compatible with specific Java LTS releases. To determine which versions of BBj are tested and verified as compatible with which specific Java release(s), see the Compatibility Matrix below.

Non-Long Term Support (non-LTS) Releases

BASIS does not test or verify BBj compatibility with any non-LTS Java release.  Non-LTS Java releases are short-term releases that are supported by Oracle only until a subsequent Java release occurs. Once a newer LTS or non-LTS release occurs, all earlier non-LTS releases lose public update support immediately. Thus, most non-LTS releases have a lifespan of approximately 6 months. The Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap identifies all versions other than Java 8, Java 11, Java 17, Java 21, and Java 25 as non-LTS releases of Java. BASIS does not test or verify BBj compatibility with any non-LTS Java release.

Compatibility Matrix for BBj

BBj Versions Compatible Java LTS Version(s) JDKs
BBj 14.00 through 19.22 Java 8* (Oracle Java 8 only, not OpenJDK 8)
BBj 18.20 through 22.14 Java 11* (Oracle or OpenJDK)
BBj 22.00+ Java 17* (Oracle or OpenJDK)
BBj 24.00+ Java 21* (Oracle or OpenJDK)

*: All JDK updates released for the specified Java LTS version are included. For example, Java 17* includes all JDK updates from Java 17.0.0 through Java 17.0.2+8 (the most recent update as of this writing).


Having a JDK installed that is compatible with the BBj version you are using is vital because BASIS products require a JDK. To determine which JDK meets your needs, you can take the following actions:

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