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00824: Hostname has changed on a UNIX system running the Basis License Manager


Hostname has changed on a UNIX system running the Basis License Manager


Follow these instructions if your hostname has changed on a UNIX system running the BLM (Basis License Manager). 

NOTE: Users do not need to be logged out for these steps unless otherwise noted. 

1) Verify that the new hostname in the /etc/ hosts file along with the correct IP address. The /etc/ directory is located at root. This will allow the BASIS products to do hostname resolution. To verify the hostname, at the Unix prompt type: 
and press ENTER. 

2) Make sure you can ping the new hostname successfully. To do this, at the Unix prompt type: ping hostname 
and press ENTER. 

3) STOP the BLM from the BLM main menu. This is accomplished by cd’ing to the basis install directory and running the ./install script and choosing BLM. 

4) Now cd to the /blmgr/ directory and using a text editor such as vi, access the pro5*.lic file(s). On the ‘SERVER’ line, edit the hostname or where it says ‘this_host’ and change it to the new hostname. Do this for each each .lic file in the /blmgr/ directory. 

5) Now go back the BLM main menu and START the BLM. 

NOTE: For step 6 you will need to log out all PRO/5 users, AND kill all background PRO/5 processes. 

6) Change directories to the basis install directory, run the ./install script, choose PRO/5. 

7) Now from the PRO/5 main menu choose the SERVER option. Type in the new hostname as prompted. Next you will see a message and prompt display like this: 

        The BLM machine name has already been set for this executable. 

        Do you wish to change the existing BLM machine name? (Y/N) 
                 Type Y and press ENTER. 

The BLM and PRO/5 are now ready to communicate using the new hostname and you should successfully be able to check out a license from the BLM. 

Last Modified: 11/07/2002 Product: License Manager Operating System: UNIX

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