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00021: Solving an FSLoad Error 70 on Unix


Solving an FSLoad Error 70 on Unix


It is possible to get an ‘FSLoad Error 70 Unable to Initialize file system’ error when invoking PROGRESSION/4 or PRO/5 rev 2.04 or lower.


FSLoad Error 70 is caused when BBx detects that more users are using BBx than are allowed by the license. BBx keeps track of the number of users by checking which process ids are active and what they are running. This error can occur when users abnormally terminate BBx sessions by resetting their terminals or by shutting off the power without terminating the session properly. An abnormal termination may not clear the process id (or user map). 

There a two methods to reset the user map under Unix: 

1. Reboot the server and; 

2. Have all users exit BBx. Login as root, and execute the following command: 
# ipcs -a 
Look for two paragraphs entitled, “Semaphores” and “Shared Memory”. Under each of these, for BBx PROGRESSION/4 look for KEY#0x62627863 (for PRO/5 look for KEY#0x70357800). Make a note of the ID# directly to the left of that key number. Then execute the following two commands: 
# ipcrm -m <ID#> (Use the id# from the “Shared Memory” paragraph.) 
# ipcrm -s <ID#> (Use the id# from the “Semaphores” paragraph.) 

Last Modified: 12/30/2003 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix Error Number:FSLOAD 70

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