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00886: Moving Visual PRO/5 from one PC to a different PC


Moving Visual PRO/5 from one PC to a different PC


Here are two possible situations and the necessary steps : 

1. BASIS License Manager and/or single user node lock license Visual PRO/5: 
a. If you are moving the BASIS License Manager to another machine or moving a single user Visual PRO/5. Uninstall the License Manager and/or Visual PRO/5. 
b. Email BASIS Sales at sales@basis.cloud and request to have the license counter reset so you can 
re-register the Visual PRO/5 license for the new machine. 
c. Install the BASIS License Manager and / or Visual PRO/5 to the new machine. 
d. Register for a new BASIS License via web browser, telephone (01.505.338.4171), email (license@basis.cloud), or fax (01.505.338.4178). 
e. Once you have received the new license file from the license server using one of the above methods, run the ‘Install a BASIS License’ program. 

2. BASIS License Manager on server machine and (multi-user) Visual PRO/5 on a different PC, with or without a PRO/5 Data Server: 
a. Install Visual PRO/5 to the new PC 
b. Run the ‘Install a BASIS License’ program. The first window that appears has 3 different options for you to choose from: 
        * Install a single-user BASIS Visual PRO/5 license on this machine 
        * Configure this application to use the BASIS License Manager 
        * Configure this application to use a BASIS PRO/5 Data Server License 
c. Your choice will be either the second or third option. If you also have a PRO/5 Data Server, then choose the third option. If you do NOT have a PRO/5 Data Server but the BASIS License Manager is on another machine (multi-user VP5) then choose the second option. 
d. Enter the hostname of the machine that the BLM or the P5 Data Server resides. 

Last Modified: 11/28/2000 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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