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01162: BLM issue with new BBj Itanium port


BLM issue with new BBj Itanium port


The BASIS License Manager (BLM) bundled with the new BBj Itanium port for HP-UX is not compatible with licenses that were issued for a PA-RISC BLM. Licenses that are node locked to a PA-RISC BLM running on an HP-UX Itanium system will not work with an Itanium BLM. This should not be a problem for customers who never successfully installed a Basis product on an Itanium system. 

Customers who already have a BLM installed on their Itanium system for PRO/5 should either avoid installing the BLM that is bundled with BBj or should have the serial number reset allowing them to register for a permanent with later BLM for the Itanium platform. 

The above problem is due to a limitation of FLEXnet (formally FLEXlm). Macrovision designed the PA-RISC version of FLEXnet with an assumption that it would never be used on an Itanium system even though Itanium systems can run PA-RISC code. 

Last Modified: 10/05/2009 Product: License Manager Operating System: N/A

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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