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00870: Kernel Parameters that will help with FLEXlm error -97


Kernel Parameters that will help with FLEXlm error -97


Starting a PRO/5 session returns a FLEXlm error= -97,380. System Error 108: connection reset by peer. 

In the BLM logfile (blmgr.txt) the following appears frequently when the -97 occurs: 
13:01:46 (basis) Server out of file descriptors 
13:01:46 (basis) This server can handle no more concurrent clients 
13:01:46 (basis) since it is out of file descriptors. 
13:01:46 (basis) We recommend splitting your licenses among more 
13:01:46 (basis) servers, and using a license-file list, so client 
13:01:46 (basis) clients can checkout from more servers. 
13:01:46 (basis) You can also use UDP to get around this limitation, 
13:01:46 (basis) although more license-servers will improve response. 
13:01:46 (basis) Please see www.globetrotter.com or your vendor. 
13:01:46 (basis) for more information. 


The maximum number of files that can be opened needs to be increased. 

Each UNIX will have it’s own name and place to tune this parameter but here are the SCO parameters: 

Under SCO OpenServer 5.0.x the kernel parameters are 
(system wide) under Table Limits / MAXFILES 
(user level) under User and Group / NOFILES 

SCO 5.06 
1. logon as root 
2. scoadmin enter 
3. Select “Hardware/Kernel Manager” from main menu list. 
4. Tab over to “Parameters:” window and select “Tune Parameters”. 
5. Enter 11 under “Configuration tunables”. 
6. Hit enter until “MAX_FILE:” option appears and enter your new value 
to set the (system wide). 
7. Enter 7 under “Configuration tunables. 
8. Enter new value for “NOFILES:” to set the (User level). 
9. Return to the “Hardware/Kernel Manager” menu. 
10. Tab to the “Kernel” window and “Relink Kernel”. 

Under SCO Unixware, the parameters in the SCO Administrator are under the process limit, and the 2 relevant parameters are sfnolimit and hdnolimit. 

In either case the kernel has to be relinked and the system rebooted for the changes to take effect.

Last Modified: 08/18/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: UNIX Error Number: -97

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