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Query Analysis Prevents BBjServices Starting

Problem Description:  BBjServices fails to start

In rare cases, BBj’s query analysis may prevent BBjServices from starting. When this occurs, an error similar to the following will appear in the <bbjhome>/log/Debug.log.date:

INFO: Update of query analysis data failed for the query, but does not affect the results of the query: java.sql.SQLException: /usr/local/bbj/demos/chiledd/bbdict/INDEX.1

java.sql.SQLException: java.sql.SQLException: /usr/local/bbj/demos/chiledd/bbdict/INDEX.1

Resolution:  Disable Query Analysis, contact BASIS Technical Support

Query analysis provides information about the types of queries performed against a database. While the information can be used to assist administrators in locating potential areas for performance improvement in their databases, it is purely informational.  

  1. Turn Query Analysis off by adding this property to the <bbjhome>/cfg/BBj.properties file:


  1. Restart BBjServices

  2. For long-term solution, send logs to support@basis.cloud

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