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00762: What are the .bba and .fba files under TAOS


What are the .bba and .fba files under TAOS


I have found several .bba and .fba files in a directory that I do not use under TAOS. 

What do these files do? Can I delete them? 


The files in question are intermediate files that the TAOS Compiler uses to compile your forms and procedures. It is not advisable to delete them and their directories in a development cycle. 

When compiling a form under TAOS, the .fba file is created. It is an ascii file that contains the information the PRO/5 compiler requires to complete the program compilation. Pro5cpl uses this as the input file. The .bba file is used the same way for compiling procedures. 

Once your procedures and forms are complete and in their final form these files may be deleted.

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: TAOS: The Developers Workbench

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