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00227: Termcap for Hewlett Packard 700/92


Termcap for Hewlett Packard 700/92


Termcap for an HP 700/92 terminal (running the EM220 emulation): 

# Hewlett Packard 700/92 # 
# The 700/92 terminal works pretty well in EM220 emulation, but you MUST 
# set the ANSI configuration to 
# Multipage NO Backspace Def DEL/BACKSPACE 
# Control Codes 7 Bit User Features Locked YES 
# EM100ID EM220 User defined keys locked YES 
# Print Area Full screen Numeric mode keypad YES 
# Normal mode Cursor Keys YES 
# Print terminator=FF NO 
# NAT’1 character set NO (?) 
# Auto answerback NO # 
hpem220|em220|Hewlett Packard 700/92 in EM220 mode: :li#24:co#80:wc#132:wl#24:bs:cm=\E[%i%d;%dH:Ss=\E[?3l:Sw=\E[?3h: :do=\E[B:up=\E[A:ho=\E[H:nd=\E[C:bc=\E[D: :cl=\E[H\E[2J:cd=\E[J:ce=\E[K:dl=\E[M:al=\E[L:dc=\E[P:ic=\E[@: :k1=\EOP:k2=\EOQ:k3=\EOR:k4=\EOS: :l1=*:l2=/:l3=+:l4=-: :kr=\E[C:kl=\E[D:ku=\E[A:kd=\E[B:kh=\E[3~:kb=\177:PU=\E[U:PD=\E[6~: :DL=\E[4~:IN=\E[1~:z0=\E[5~:z1=\E[V:z2=\E[2~:z3=\E[4h:z4=\E[P: :z5=\E[>0s:z6=\E[>1s:z7=\E[K:z8=\E[J:ko=z0,z1,z2,z3,z4,z5,z6,z7,z8: :AA=1745:us=\E[4m:ue=\E[2;4m:so=\E[7m:se=\E[2;7m: :GS=\E(0:GE=\E(B:G1=k:G2=l:G3=m:G4=j:GH=q: :GV=x:GR=t:GL=u:GC=n:GD=w:GU=v: :CF=\E[?25l:CO=\E[?25h:CN=\E[?25h: :bl=^G:ta=^I:is=\E[?3l\E[?1l\E>: 

Note that this termcap only defines four function keys, which are located above the numeric pad (the * / + – keys). The easiest way to change the function key definition of this termcap is to run the KEYBRD program (lib 3) in BBx. 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix

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