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00180: Error 60, TCB(10)=-161, opening a file via the Data Server


Error 60, TCB(10)=-161, opening a file via the Data Server


This error can occur with the TCP/IP Client when: 

1)         The UID wasn’t set properly. At the command line prompt in VPRO/5 client, type the following: 

        >print info(3,2) 

        If the value returned is blank, this indicates that the user ID hasn’t been set properly. The user ID can be set two different ways: 

        a)         Add a -u command line parameter to VPRO/5. 

                 vpro5.exe -m500 -ujoeuser 

        b)         Set an environment variable called USERID. 

                 set USERID=joeuser 

        The UID is only required when the Data Server is running under UNIX. This value is not required when running a NT data server. 

2)         The options vector bit (byte 4, bit $20$) was not set. To confirm type at the Vpro5 prompt> 

        >print hta(opts) 

3).         Verify the Info (3,4) should return the correct hostname for the workstation. The hostname returned should be the same as the entry in the         .rhosts file on the remote server machine. Ensure that there is a valid entry and that the permissions is set to 644 (RW_R__R__). Also verify,         that the user (UID) is the owner of the .rhosts file – it cannot be owned by root or any other account. Note that this only applies to the Unix         Data Server, not the Windows NT Data Server. 

4)         This has also been seen under Win 95 when opening a directory. For example: 

open(1)”/<server>/usr/bbx/data/         will give the error, but 
open(1)”/<server>/usr/bbx/data         will work fine 

5)         This has also occurred when the leading slash was missing on the open: 


6)         This error has also been seen when running a non-TCP/IP enabled Visual PRO/5. (In revision 1.05 multi-user VP5’s aren’t TCP/IP enabled.) One way to test this, is to manually set the options vector and then confirm. At the Vpro5 prompt type: 

        >setopts $00000020$ 
        >print hta(opts) 

Typically, there should be 20 or 60 in the 4th pair. More information on the options vector may be found in the documentation under SETOPTS function. 

Last Modified: 02/10/2004 Product: PRO/5 Data Server Operating System: WindowsError Number: 60 OS Error: 161

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