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01019: !ERROR=255 (java.lang.Error: Symbol recycling detected (fix your scanner).)


!ERROR=255 (java.lang.Error: Symbol recycling detected (fix your scanner).)


This error can occur if BBj loads jar files from a WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) install. 

The error is actually being displayed in place of a legitimate BBx error. Once the resolution is implemented, the customer should see standard BBx error messages.


Delete the /endorsed directory from the java install. 
For example, if you jre is installed to a typical, default, path, such as: 


You should find the ‘endorsed’ directory in: 


Move this directory to a different location. Stop and restart bbjservices. 

This shouldn’t have any adverse affects on the java operability.

Last Modified: 07/16/2003 Product: BBj

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