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00903: Frequency.dd file must pre-exist for connectivity under some UNIX operating systems


The FREQUENCY.DD file must pre-exist for connectivity under some UNIX operating systems


Under SCO UNIX and HP-UX 10.20 and possibly others, a FREQUENCY.DD file must exist in the directory where the data dictionary files reside that you are trying to establish connectivity to. 

The analyze feature under Enterprise Manager requires the FREQUENCY.DD file to be a multi-keyed mkeyed file. If there is not a Frequency.dd file in the current dictionary, copy the FREQUENCY.DD file from the ChileCompany database dictionary directory to your dictionary directory. 

If you use the analyze feature under the Enterprise Manager and you have previously created an empty file called FREQUENCY.DD without the correct key definitions, then the Analyze function will not erase and recreate this file in the correct format, but will probably return an error of unknown syntax. 

Also see KB article KB00905 for additional trouble shooting information regarding connectivity to the BBj Data Server.

Last Modified: 04/19/2001 Product: BBj Enterprise Manager

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