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00683: [Basis ODBC Error] Sql Syntx error 1


[Basis ODBC Error] Sql Syntx error 1


One reason for this error occurring when using the Basis ODBC driver is an invalid SQL table name in the dictionary. Standard SQL language naming convention for table names are the following: 

a -z (lower case letters) 
A-Z (upper case letters) 
0 – 9 
_ (the underscore character) 

All other characters are invalid according to the SQL standard. 

The problem can occur because BASIS tables and dictionaries allow other characters without any problem. 

Further information is available in the DDbuilder help under TAOS Naming Conventions.

Last Modified: 11/10/1998 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: Windows OS Error: 1

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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