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01210: Barista License Informaiton


Barista License Information


The latest version of Barista contains an updated licensing process that requires features lines for all Company ID+Product ID combinations on all tables. If you are working on your own vertical applications and wish to “brand” and license them as your own, they must be added as BASIS license feature lines. To do this, please contact BASIS Sales with the following information: 

  • Your BASIS Customer ID. 
  • An application Product ID consisting of a 2 or 3 byte, upper case, alpha/numeric code and a product description. 
  • An application Version No in the format of <major_no>.<minor_no> (Ex: 1.23). 
Note: Barista provides a default company ID of 00-000000 when defining tables, which allows unlimited development with a BARISTA feature line. The 00-000000 company ID is sufficient for in-house or single-client development. Applications for redistribution should be developed using a company/product ID registered with BASIS in order to avoid collision and possible corruption in Barista if the same product ID already exists.  

These feature lines apply to Barista: 

BARISTA – Allows unimpeded access to Barista development features and tables belonging to valid application feature lines. Modifications or form building to any tables tagged with an invalid license feature will trigger a nag message, but will allow the user to continue. 

BARISTA_RUNTIME – Allows access to the Barista runtime engine and any valid feature line; does not allow access to Barista development options.

Contact BASIS Sales to register your Company/Product ID. 

Last Modified: 2/12/2013 Product: BBj Operating System: All platforms

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