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00769: FLEXlm Node Locks to the Boot Drive only


FLEXlm Node Locks to the Boot Drive only


FLEXlm licensing requires that the DRIVE_SERIAL_NUM obtained is from the boot drive. Although it is possible to obtain the HostID using various method depending on the operating system the Flexlm licensing requires this HostID to be from the boot drive. 

NOTE: Starting with 8.4 version of the Basis License Manager that ships with Vpro5 Rev 4 or BBj Rev 3.02, this is no longer a requirement. 


The FLEXlm utility lmutil may be used to check what hostid the Basis License Manager requires. To use this utility, change directory to the where the Basis License Manager software was installed and type the following at the Operating System prompt: 


lmutil lmhostid 

Unix : 

        ./lmutil lmhostid 

This does not mean you cannot install a single-user Visual PRO/5 to another drive (D:, E:, etc.), it only means that the DISK_SERIAL_NUM must come from the boot drive which is typically C:.

Last Modified: 12/30/2003 Product: License Manager Operating System: All platforms

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