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00744: FLEXlm corrections to ensure the BLM autostart script works under SCO, AIX and Linux


FLEXlm corrections to ensure the BLM autostart script works under SCO, AIX and Linux


Problem 1: BLM does not start on reboot. 
(Note: this problem also appears on AIX since it also uses run level 2 as the default multi-user run level.) 

Problem 2: 
blrm entry in /etc/inittab disappears when kernel is rebuilt. This has the effect of removing the blm from the startup scripts when the server is rebooted. 

Problem 3: 
When the installation adds BLM to /etc/inittab, BLM is started in runlevels 2 through 4. Linux uses runlevel 5 when the GUI logon is enabled.


Resolution 1: 
This was fixed by adjusting the entry placed in the inittab file to start at run level 2. The entry placed in /etc/inittab from an old install can be updated by manually editing the /etc/inittab file (this requires root privileges). 

The run levels in the the old entry, “3456”, need to be changed to “234”. The important part is adding the 2. 

The old entry looks like 
brlm:3456:once:/home/installtest/blmgr/BasisRunLM; # start BASIS License Manager 

The new entry looks like 
brlm:234:once:/home/installtest/blmgr/BasisRunLM; # start BASIS License Manager 

Resolution 2: 
When the kernel is rebuilt on SCO, the /etc/inittab file is recreated. The old UNIX install scripts did not add an entry to the /etc/conf/cf.d/init.base file. 

The init.base file is used to recreate the /etc/inittab file. The new install scripts add the exact same entry to the init.base file as it did to the inittab file. 

brlm:234:once:/home/installtest/blmgr/BasisRunLM; # start BASIS License Manager 

This entry can be added manually to /etc/conf/cf.d/init.base. Again, root privilege is required. 

Resolution 3: 
In order for it to work correctly under Linux, the entry in the inittab (or init.d) script needs to be modified to look like: 
brlm:2345:once:/home/installtest/blmgr/BasisRunLM; # start BASIS License Manager 

The above paths are just examples and need to be adjusted to the correct path where your BASIS License Mananger is installed. 

Just so you know, the entry can be added to a file in the /etc/conf/init.d directory instead of added to the /etc/conf/cf.d/init.base file. This has the same effect, but is a little cleaner from the SysAdmin perspective. The inittab file is recreated by appending the entries in the files found in the /etc/conf/init.d directory to the init.base file. 

The next release of the UNIX install scripts will not add the entry to the init.base file, but instead create the file: 


and add the entry to it.

Last Modified: 11/26/2002 Product: License Manager Operating System: SCO UNIX AIX Linux

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