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00320: Manual: INFO function


Manual: INFO function


INFO() (f) 



INFO() returns system information strings. int is an argument used by INFO() to determine which string is desired. The following list shows the system, hardware, user and environment detail you can get with INFO(). 

Arguments Information Returned 

INFO(0,0) Operating system name BBx compiled for 

INFO(0,1) Operating system version BBx compiled for 

INFO(0,2) Returns the BASIS “port ID”. 

INFO(1,0) CPU ID (or CPU family) BBx compiled for 

INFO(2,0) Total number of foreground user slots (binary string) 

INFO(2,1) Number of free foreground user slots (binary string) 

INFO(2,2) Total number of background user slots (binary string) 

INFO(2,3) Number of free background user slots (binary string) 

INFO(2,4) Current user slot number (binary string) 

INFO(2,5) Last background process number started (binary string) 

INFO(3,0) 2 character unique task ID (2 bytes) 

INFO(3,1) 8 character unique task ID (8 bytes) 

INFO(3,2) User login ID 

INFO(3,3) User description 

INFO(3,4) Current host name. See the Installation and Configuration Guide for more information on INFO(). 

INFO(3,5) Activation key 

INFO(4,int) Returns values of any environment variable set. int ranges from zero to the maximum number of environment strings minus one. 

INFO(5,0) LIM, logical page size for MS-DOS 

INFO(5,1) Number of logical pages currently available for allocation for MS-DOS 

NFO(6,0) Retrieves the name of the GUI system, if applicable. So far, this will be either “WINDOWS”, “XMotif”, or the empty string (indicating that GUI enhancements are not available). 

INFO(6,1)          Returns a binary string containing the maximum START size currently possible, in 256-byte pages. 

INFO(6,2) Indicates whether the operating system supports pipes. The result is currently either “<>|”, indicating full pipe functionality, or the empty string. 

All other argument values for INFO result in an error. Use the DEC() function to retrieve the value of details returned as a binary string. 
Examples>PRINT INFO(4,1) 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms

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