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00818: Tips to ensure manual license file installation is correct


Tips to ensure manual license file installation is correct


If you choose to enter the information in manually, here’s a couple of pointers that will ensure it installs correctly: 
        1. If you make an error while initially entering the information, do not backspace or delete the incorrect characters and re-enter them, finish entering the information and when asked if the information is correct, answer No to re-enter the information. Deleting and/or backspacing causes unprintable characters to be included in the license file thus making it invalid. 
        2. Case matters – if the text file uses Upper Case, it must be entered in Upper Case; lower case should be entered as lower case. i.e. PRO5_DEV must be all capitals and permanent must be all lower case letters. 
        3. Ensure the information you are entering is the correct information for the PRO5 serial number you are installing. The Encryption Code and Checksum are only part of what is validated when PRO5 attempts to check out a license from the BASIS License Manager. 
        4. Once you have installed the license, stop the license manager and verify it has stopped with a ps -elf command from an OS prompt. Then restart the BASIS License Manager, and it will read the new license file you just installed. 
        5. Using Cut or Copy & Paste to enter the information almost always causes problems. This is especially true under Windows, but also applies with the UNIX install. If you choose to enter the information manually then you must do exactly that – enter each character manually – cut/copy & paste corrupts the information! 


When you are installing the license, you can save the attachment to a file such as /tmp with a name of BASISlicense.txt and then during the installation when asked enter the complete path and filename to this file and the License Manager will read the information and create the license file automatically. 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: All platformsError Number: -18

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