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00880: FLEXlm Error -18: Possible causes and resolutions


FLEXlm Error -18: Possible causes and resolutions


FLEXlm error -18 occurs for a number of reasons. They include: 
        1. License file doesn’t exist; 
        2. Invalid License file; 
        3. Encryption Code inside license file in invalid – this can occur because:          
         a. under UNIX using the backspace key causes ^H or other control characters to be added to the license file. 
         b. double lines (such as 2 checksum lines) will cause this error; 
        4. Everything is setup correctly with the right license file in the directory but there is                  another (probably demo) license file in the directory that is being read first. 
        5. BASIS.LIC file is pointing to wrong server 
        6. One version of the product is installed and it is licensed for a lower revision. For example, BBj or PRO/5 4.x was installed but the license is for PRO/5 3.x


To resolve: 

1. Ensure the product has been registered, and the BASIS License has been installed; 
2. Reinstall the license without making any typos that have to be erased 
3. Verify the license file to ensure there is only one checksum line; 
4. Delete any demo or expired .LIC files from the blmgr directory 
5. Check the BASIS.lic file and modify if needed to point to correct machine running BLM 
6. Verify that the product revision and the license revision match. The fourth field of the FEATURE line in the license file contains the product revision. For example, if your license file has: 

FEATURE PRO5_DEV basis 3.12 permanent 5 962ED3855E31 HOSTID=ANY ck=99 

and you installed PRO/5 4.x or BBj, you will receive this error. 

Last Modified: 09/17/2003 Product: License Manager Operating System: All platformsError Number: -18

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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