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00757: Globetrotter Bug with FlexLM Applet under Windows 95/98


Globetrotter Bug with FlexLM Applet under Windows 95/98


Windows 95 Registry entries for BASIS License Manager 

If you have a need to start the BLM in in Windows 95/98(i.e. FLEX lm error -17), you would go to the FLEXlm Applet in Control Panel and Click on ‘START’. There is a bug in the GLobeTrotter FLEXlm software with the FLEXlm Applet that if after you ‘START’ the BLM in Control panel and then Click ‘OK’, the BASIS License Manager/FLEXlm entries in the Registry are changed. So if a customer has clicked ‘OK’ after starting the BLM, you would have to find the entries in the Registry and edit the entries and values to match the listings below. The directory structure below is a normal default installation of the BLM on a WIN95/98 system. 


c:\BASIS\BASISL~1\lmgrd95.exe c:\BASIS\BASISL~1\basis_lmgrd.exe -app -win -c “c:\BASIS\BASISL~1\” 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FLEXlm License Manager\basis_lmgrd 

Licenese c:\BASIS\BASISL~1 
Lmgrd c:\BASIS\BASISL~1\basis_lmgrd.exe 
LMGRD_LOG_FILE c:\blmgr.txt 


To avoid having the entries in the Regisrty changed after you ‘START’ the BLM using the FLEXLlm Applet in Control panel, DO NOT click OK. Instead, simply click on the close ‘X’ button in the upper right corner of the FLEXlm Applet. This method will start the BASIS License Manager without making any uneccassary changes to the Registry. You can verify that the BLM, which runs as a ‘process’ in the background, has actually started and is running. Simply bring up the .Close Program’ window by pressing Ctrl Alt Delete at the same time. You should see two processes indicating that the BLM is running, which are: basis and basis_lmgrd.

Last Modified: 12/31/2001 Product: License Manager Operating System: Windows 95 Windows 98

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