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00832: Windows 2000 and Visual PRO/5 rev 2.22


Windows 2000 and Visual PRO/5 rev 2.22


VPRO/5 rev 2.22 and earlier exhibits the following known problems with Windows 2000: 

* semichars on gui windows behave differently 
* info (0,1) function will cause a gpf 
this doesn’t always GPF (if only printing at ready prompt) but definitely returns garbage characters on the console. 


We are testing Visual PRO/5 revision 3.02 with WIndows 2000 and expect that this revision will be the first to be supported under this OS. 

Visual PRO/5 prior to revision 3.02 will not be officially supported with Windows 2000 +. 

Last Modified: 06/19/2000 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows 2000

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