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Excessive BBj Logging on Last Day of the Year (December 31)

Problem Description

Due to an unforeseen malfunction in the BBj logging subsystem, the BBj debug logs for the last day of the year (December 31) may grow abnormally fast under certain circumstances. On busy systems, this may result in excessive disk usage and degraded performance.


To determine if your system is affected, examine this log file to see if it repeats the file header before every entry after startup:




To reduce the impact of the extra output, BASIS highly recommends performing both of the following options, based on your operating system.

  1. Use the Enterprise Manager to reduce the log level for all logging under BBj Services > Settings > Logging Settings (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1. Using Enterprise Manager to reduce BBj logging output

    The most significant impact will come from setting the “Debug Log Level” to “SEVERE” (this requires a restart of BBj Services).

  2. On non-Windows operating systems such as Linux, link the log file Debug.log.2014-12-31.0 to /dev/null by stopping BBj Services and issuing the following commands (note this is a Linux example):
    rm Debug.log.2014-12-31.0
    ln -s /dev/null Debug.log.2014-12-31.0

    Apply this same solution to any other log files that contain repeated headers. Not all the log files require stopping BBj Services.


On or after January 1, reverse the changes that you made to return logging back to normal. Reset your Logging Settings to their original values and remove the link you created for each log file. Remember that some of the changes will require a restart of BBj Services to take effect.


To avoid this problem in the future, update BBj before December 2015.


Please contact support@basis.cloud if you need individual assistance.

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