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00825: Instructions on upgrading to PRO5 REV 2.23 from PRO5 REV 2.10, 2.20, or 2.21 for Unix


Instructions on upgrading to PRO5 REV 2.23 from PRO5 REV 2.10, 2.20, or 2.21 for Unix


These instructions apply when upgrading to PRO5 REV 2.23 from PRO5 REV 2.10, 2.20, or 2.21. It is important to note that because you are already running a BLM, there are no steps involved with the BLM other then step 7 below. IF however, you are adding users during this upgrade, then you would be required to REGISTER and then INSTALL a new license using the BLM. 

Prior to beginning, make sure all users are off the system and that there are no PRO/5 processes running. You should also back up your config.bbx file. 

1. Obtain the PRO/5 compressed tar file (.tar.Z). 
a.) From the BASIS Product CD-ROM: 
use the index.txt file from the rootdirectory of the CD-ROM to find the PRO5 compressed tar file for the specific product you want to install. Because of filename length limitations on Unix CD-ROM file systems, the BASIS products on the CD-ROM do not end in .tar.Z. The files are still in a compressed format, but the suffixes have been truncated to .Z to conserve space. These files can be renamed to the .tar.Z convention when copying them from your CD-ROM drive to the Unix system. 

b.) From the BASIS Web site: 
PRO/5 is available packaged with each of the UNIX product downloads in a single .tar.Z file. See the product download page HERE.

2. Copy/move the new PRO/5 build REV 2.23 into the basis product directory, for example, /usr/local/basis, that will only be used for BASIS products (hereafter referred to as your BASIS product directory). 

3. Place the PRO/5 .tar.Z file in your BASIS product directory. 

4. Uncompress the .Z file with the following command: 
$uncompress filename 

5. Tar the file to extract the files and directories to their respective places. (If you need to verify the file to tar, use the UNIX ls command) The tar command: 
$tar xvf filename 

6. In the BASIS product directory, type 
to run the Installation Script. Choose PRO/5 as your menu option. Within the PRO/5 menu, choose the SELECT option and enter either STANDARD or SQL, depending on the product type purchased. 

7. Back at the PRO/5 menu, choose the SERVER option. When prompted, type in the hostname of the machine that is running the BLM. Next you will see a message displayed like this:’ 

The BLM machine name has already been set for this executable. 
Do you wish to change the existing BLM machine name? (Y/N) 

Type Y and press ENTER 

This brands the PRO/5 executable to the License Server. If needed, you can get the hostname of the machine by typing: 
at the UNIX prompt. Please note that this hostname is case sensitive. 

8. Copy the config.bbx file into your PRO/5 directory. Start a new PRO/5 session. To verify the update was successfully installed type in: 

print rev 

at the PRO/5 prompt. 

Last Modified: 02/17/2000 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: UNIX

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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