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How to configure a backup license when using the BASIS License Server (BLS)


How to configure a backup license when using the BASIS License Server (BLS)


With the BLS licenses can be designated Production and Backup when purchased. License installation and registration process is no different with Production/Backup licenses. The difference is that each license knows about the other. Make sure when registering and installing to install the Production/Primary license on the Production machine, and the designated Backup license on the backup license server.

If your license registration sheet does not indicate which is Production and which is Backup, please reach out to your BASIS Sales representative for clarification.
Once you have registered and installed both the Production and Backup licenses on their respective machines, any other remote installs of BBj or PRO/5 will need to use the certificate.bls from the Primary serial number.

In configurations where the ability of the client to find the BLS server needs to be augmented you can use the blsclient.conf file to direct those clients to the BASIS License Server. The configuration options include server/s, ports, and timeouts: This configuration file is found in the /cfg/ directory.
To define a backup license server add your server names in order in this section of the blsclient.conf:

# If all of the license servers are using the default port configuration then
# servers can just be a list of host strings:
# servers: [
# “server1”,
# “server2”
# ]

If any of the BLS servers are running on a port other than the default 27000 you can add the optional port= for that server as shown in the example and uncomment these lines:
# servers: [
# {
# host: “server1”,
# port: 27000
# },
# {
# host: “server2”,
# port: 27000
# }
# ]

Please note that with (V)PRO/5 clients you might need to set the following properties in the config.bbx the application uses so that it can find the certificate.bls and the blsclient.conf

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