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00563: [Basis Odbc Driver]SQL Syntax Err:1(#77) using MS Access – Can’t Open Table in DataSheet view


[Basis Odbc Driver]SQL Syntax Err:1(#77) using MS Access – Can’t Open Table in DataSheet view


The following error has been encountered using MS Access and the BASIS ODBC driver after successfully attaching to the Data Source: 

[Basis ODBC Driver]SQL Syntax Err:1(#77) 
Can’t Open Table in DataSheet view! 

MSQuery and other ODBC enabled products can successfully connect and return data. Viewing the ODBC log file after MS Access has executed the query reveals that the generated sql statement is missing the table name to select the data from: 

select field1,field2,field3 from 


The Sql statement generated by MS Access is incorrect. You can bypass MS Access creating this statement by using the SQLPassThrough option. 

To use SQLPassThrough queries in MS Access 2.0: 

1) Click the Queries tab after attaching to Data Source. 

2) Select New/ New query then OK to the dialog that appears. At this point you will notice an additional menu item called Query. 

3) Select “Query / SQL Specific / Pass-through” from the menu. This will bring up a SQL-PASS Query box 

4) Now you can type an SQL statement in the Query 1 window like: 
        select * from TABLE 

5) Select “Query/Run” from the menu. 

6) Select the data Source in question and wait for the connection to be made. It should bring up the data. 

NOTE: Turn off the ODBC.LOG feature in the ODBC Administrator, Setup, Advance when using Pass Through Queries. Having this feature turned on will result in the following error: 

ODBC Call Failed! 
[Basis][Basis ODBC Driver] Connect Failed to open log file c:\path\logfile (General Signal/error)fserr=0,fserrs=0(#77) 

Last Modified: 12/30/2003 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: WindowsError Number: 77

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