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00210: Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing under Unix


Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing under Unix


The -32 indicates a broken pipe–a write on a pipe for which there is no process to read the data. This condition normally generates a signal, and the error is returned if the signal is ignored. This can happen if the printer or spooler doesn’t respond for a while, which causes BBx to timeout and close the pipe to the device. 

This may also occur when there is an incorrect mode on the printer alias line or permissions are not correct at the OS level. 


The remedy is to add a WAIT=0 mode to the alias line. Adding a WAIT=0 tells BBX to wait forever for the printer. Any number up to 255 can be added to the WAIT= mode on the alias line. If the value is greater than 255, then it will be ignored. 

If there are incorrect modes on the alias line, removing these will eliminate the error. 

Confirm permissions are correct at the OS level by attempting to print a file at the OS level to the spooler or device. 

Last Modified: 01/02/2006 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix Error Number: OS Error: 32

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